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Please submit manuscripts to the offices of the Korean Academy of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases. Manuscripts should be accompanied by the checklist below, with each block checked off. Authors should ensure that manuscripts conform to the submission requirements for Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases.

Manuscripts that do not conform to the journal requirements will not be submitted to reviewers and will be returned to the authors.

1. Format

  • □  Manuscript is set out as follows: Title page, Running title, Abstract, Keywords, Main text, Acknowledgments, References, Figures and Tables.
  • □  Manuscript is formatted using double spacing and 2.5 cm margins on A4-size pages.
  • □  The following have been included: (1) Completed manuscript, including Tables, in MS Word format and a separate file for Figures, in JPG (JPEG) or TIF (TIFF) format; (2) disclosure of conflict of interest form and (3) Author’s checklist.
  • □  Representing all authors, corresponding author needs to sign a copyright transfer form electronically at the time of submission.

2. Title page

  • □  The manuscript type (Original Article, Review, Image of Interest, Editorial, or Letter to the Editor) is stated on the title page.
  • □  The title is no longer than 150 characters including spaces.
  • □  A running title containing no more than 50 characters including spaces appears at the bottom of the title page.
  • □  The name, address, and e-mail of the corresponding author are accurate.
  • □  When authors institutional affiliations differ, they are shown using superscript Arabic numbers without parentheses after the authors names, with institutional affiliations listed below.

3. Abstract

  • □  The abstract for an Original Article and Review Article is no longer than 250 words and is structured as follows: Background, Methods, Results and Conclusion.
  • □  Three to ten keywords, registered in Index Medicus, are provided.

4. Main text

  • □  The main text is structured as follows: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion.
  • □  For clinical trials, details of informed consent and approval of the Institutional Review Board are provided in the Materials and Methods section.
  • □  References are numbered in the order of their appearance in the text.

5. References list

  • □  References are presented in order of appearance, using the Vancouver system.
  • □  Abbreviations of journals are those authorized in Index Medicus.

6. Figures and Tables

  • □  All Figures and Tables have been referenced in the text and each is numbered in order of its appearance in the text.
  • □  Figure and Table legends are double-spaced and in English.
  • □  The contents of the Tables do not duplicate information provided in the text.
  • □  All figures in JPG (JPEG) or TIF (TIFF) format should be submitted separately from the main manuscript.
  • □  When a footnote or explanation is required, symbols are provided beneath a figure or table using the following format and order: *, †, ‡, §,∥, ¶, **, †† and ‡‡.
  • □  Staining methods and magnification are provided for photomicrographs.
  • □  If copyright for a figure does not belong to the authors, it is appropriately cited.

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